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Contact us for a cost estimate of your conversion work

Fast and cost effective conversions

The advanced tools used at ArchProteus to perform conversions and encoding result in short delivery time frames and very attractive costs.

The effort and cost of conversions depend on many factors:

  • medium of the source document (paper, word processor, scanned page images, MARC files, database)
  • size
  • format and quality of the description
  • need for content re-structuring prior to encoding
  • degree of authority control required
  • need for index(es)

Knowing the client's objectives and examining the files to be converted would help us establish the effort and price quotation. 

The overall cost of the conversion can be surprisingly low, if the finding aid is in word processor form, and if its format is consistent throughout, in tabular or quasi-tabular style, and if the data elements (title, dates, notes, scope & content, box number) are well delineated and presented always in the same order. The ease of extracting the names from the document would determine the additional cost of building indexes.

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